Some possibilities of CALLISTO

A complete software able to meet all your needs


Launch of our solution for Asset Managers

December, 2010

demoOur new software Callisto is an integrated tool dedicated to independent companies of wealth management.


Adding features to Callisto

March, 2011

Callisto is already looking to the future with its new 

features including fiduciary deposit, performance etc..


Callisto Now alvailable in english

March, 2011

demoWe have rolled out the English version of our software Callisto for Asset Management. The next language will be German.


The back-office functions include accounting. Simple parameterisation of subledgers and impersonal accounts (accruals and deferrals).

Multiple financial years, free choice of charts of accounts, original entry logs, account history, balance.

Debit and credit interest

Automatic calculation of debit and/or credit interest on customer current accounts.

Foreign exchange

Carry out Forex transactions at managed or speculative rates, with automatic settlement of forward transactions.

Spot rate transactions, forward transactions, multiple-customer Forex.

Stock market

Multi-correspondent and multi-customer, with automatic change of custodian.

Stock market transactions, securities transactions, order monitoring (Swiss Stock Market Act),
coupons and dividends, safe custody charges, tickler files.


Thoroughly versatile, with automatic liquidation of investments on the basis of an accounts schedule.

Term loans and deposits, 48-hour notice deposits, cash holdings.

Charges and commission

The charges and commission for any financial instrument can be prompted automatically by using conditions parameterisable by customer or customer category.


Every document can be printed in six languages. Information is constantly available to you and your customers.

Estimates, notices to customers, performance analyses, accounting records, database interrogations.

Multi-Bank Interface

Save work with Callisto's interfaces with your banks.

Daily import of transactions, prices and positions.